Friday, 9 September 2011

A philanthropist's act - A point of view

I recently read Abdul Sattar Edhi's book "A Mirror To The Blind", an autobiography. He is well known in Pakistan and equally popular across the borders for his devoted personality and life to humanity. The book is collection of his major contributions and confrontation to many hardships he faced while he was establishing The Edhi Foundation in Karachi. With paramount caliber, passion, and compassion he faced problems like mudslinging, false accusations, built obstacles and ,last but not least, lack of money. Under the banner of " No religion is higher then humanity" he worked hard, nothing could stop him, and today Edhi Foundation is the biggest non-profit foundation for humanity in the world.

He started his work on the basis of one man show, in a single room with Rs. 5000, app 58 $, and today Edhi Foundation has 300 centers in Pakistan only. Most trusted foundation, Edhi Foundation has huge number of Ambulances and Helicopter to reach the needy ones by and now.

Some lines from his book are:

"I had accepted at the outset that charity was distorted and completely unrelated to its original concept. Reverting to the ideal was like diverting an ocean of wild waters. Another major obstacle in the promotion of welfare was exposed...the disgust of man towards mankind. There was only one expression, one reaction from everyone...cringing." Edhi

Once asked by a fellow worker that how he couldn't smell such disturbing stench from dead bodies while incurring them from water. "human body has to be respected regardless of its state and you won't feel any stench if you have that respect inside and if you believe human is stench y even when he lives. " he replied.  This brave hearted person is worthy of any prize and more. He is a moral character and hope for the humanity.